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Meeting Room Layout Styles

Conference style Meeting Rooms

Conference style Meeting Rooms Conference style Meeting Rooms
  • This could be setup using one 6ft or 12ft table or several table crusted according to your required length and width.
  • Chairs are placed in outskirts of the table.
  • This is normally used for board room, in house meetings or for small discussion groups.
  • This kind of setup is good for meetings among small groups and not ideal for large groups as it would be difficult for participants to communicate or see each other who are distant.
  •  Provides good work space for each person to take note or use of a laptop.


  1. Good work space.
  2. Good working atmosphere.
  3. Good interaction among members.


  1. Not ideal for audio-visual presentations.
  2. Not ideal for speakers.
  3. Not ideal for larger groups.

Hallow Square Meeting Rooms

Hallow Square Meeting Rooms Hallow Square Meeting Rooms
  • Placing rectangle tables in a squire pattern and placing the chairs on the outskirts to face the opposite table, for the participants to look at all participants face to face.
  • Does not work well with visual aids or with a speaker as all the participants are not facing one direction.
  • Not recommended for large groups as when the squire becomes big it would be hard for the participants to see as well as to communicate with each other.

Classroom style Meeting Rooms

Classroom style Meeting Rooms Classroom style Meeting Rooms
  • Short or long narrow table will be placed in rows and the chairs will be placed on ones side of the table to face front of the room are to face the presenter.
  • Normally accommodates large groups.
  • Ability for the speaker to see all participants.
  • Ideal for note taking and to use of reference material or laptop.
  • Mostly know as not ideal for groups with interaction as except the first row all the other participants will be looking one another’s back.


  1. Presenter can see all participants.
  2. Accommodates large groups in less space.


  1. Minimal interaction possible.
  2. Participants only see each other's backs.

Theater style Meeting Rooms

Theater style Meeting Rooms Theater style Meeting Rooms
  • Chairs are setup in rows in order to face the presenter, stage area or the head table.
  • Tables are not used, as the participants are part of the audience, and in most cases note taking are not required.
  •  This method is considered to perform well for large meetings or in breakout seasons.


  1. Good for large groups when reading/writing are not requiredhowevercan use AACP notebook portfolio for hard surface.


  1. Elevation changes needed for large groups.
  2. No writing surface.
  3. Minimal group interaction.

U Shape Meeting Rooms

U Shape Meeting Rooms U Shape Meeting Rooms
  • Tables are placed in a pattern ( U ) according to the required length and size.
  • Chairs are the placed around outside of the U .
  • The presenter or the visual aids are at the opening of the U
  • Ideal for small groups of conversations between the presents and the participants.
  •  Not ideal for large groups as the groups becomes bigger it would be quiet difficult for the audience to speak and communicate with each other.


  1. Good work space.
  2. Good interaction between participants.
  3. Ideal when audio-visual or speakers are involved.


  1. Not ideal for larger groups.

Banquet Style Meeting Rooms

Banquet Style Meeting Rooms Banquet Style Meeting Rooms

Banquet Style Meeting Rooms

  • This is setup up use of round tables and place chairs around them, and mainly used for get to gathers or meeting that include food functions.
  • When placing the chairs around the table, be sure to leave plenty of room for the guest to eat their food or other activities and don’t over seat the tables.

Half Round Meeting Rooms

  • Chairs are set at the half round of the table.
  • The closed half will be setup to face the presenter or the stage allowing all audience to see the stage without having to turn around.
  • Setting up an meeting according this method is considered to take more space, and therefore this would be ideal for a small group meetings.

Chevron Or V Shape Meeting Rooms

Chevron Or V Shape Meeting Rooms Chevron Or V Shape Meeting Rooms


The chevron arrangement allows discussion among small groups of participants during or immediately after a larger group activity. Chevron creates a more enclosed type of feel for the presenter and audience, and this is An alternative to the u-shape, 

  • The v-shape is helpful for viewing visuals.
  • V shaped conference tables allows all members at the table to easily view the screen in the front of the room. 
  • Chairs are arranged in rows slanted in a V shape and separated by a center aisle. They face the head table or speaker.
  • Benefits: A more productive large group setup than the classroom style with the speaker as the focal point. More eye contact between the group and the speaker than the classroom setup, forming unity and more effective participation.
  • Optimal seating capacity: 11-61.
  • Best meeting uses: Teaching/Training, Lecture/ Presentation, Discussions/Negotiations, Executive Presentation, Seminar, Conference/Exchange.
  • Best technology uses: Projection Presentation, Individual Computers, White Boards/Flip Charts, Sound/Music, Video Conference, Teleconference.

Herringbone Meeting Rooms

Herringbone Meeting Rooms Herringbone Meeting Rooms


Herringbone style setup is for dinners that will involve a speaker. The alignment of the tables allows for most guests to be comfortable while facing the speaker. The tables are turned at an angle toward the head/speaker's table. Chairs are placed on both sides of the tables. Tables angled in towards a head speaker table with 5 chairs arranged around each table. This setup is ideal for a presentation, as the speaker is easily visible to the audience.

  • Nice set up for seminar training classes where attendees will be in extended sessions with a guest speaker.
  • The slightly angled seating arrangement makes this style popular for informal meetings.
  • This format encourages audience participation and is particularly useful when aisle microphones are to be used.

Dinner Or Dance Layout

dinner-dance-layout dinner-dance-layout

Banquet Style Meeting Rooms

  • Tables around the outside of the room.
  • Dancefloor in central area.
  • Used mostly for weddings and evening entertainment